How to buy a weighted blanket for adult people?

If you are looking for the heavy blanket, then it is better to go with the weighted blanket which gets its heft from the poly pellets, tiny glass or the plastic beads based on the manufacturing company. The fabric used for the manufacturing process of such blankets can be made from the minky dotted fabric or the breathable cotton for this purpose. The weighted blanket is a heavy blanket and the weight is evenly distributed as the fillings or plastic pellets which are stitched in the squares to stop the filling from shifting to one side. The actual weight of this kind of blanket may range from 5 to 30 pounds with the experts who all suggested that the users can select the weighted blanket for adult people with the 10 % of their body weight in terms of pound.

Features of weighted blankets:

If you are looking for the adult weighted blanket, you should need to look for the one with these following features including,

o   Fillers

The weighted blankets are generally filled with steel, glass, or the poly pellets or plastic beads to add the weight to it. Most of those materials are made using the beads because they are relatively quiet and will not disturb your sleep.

o   Fabric

Weighted blankets are completely different from the duvet, comforter, or the regular blanket as it contains the additional layers such as the padding and fabric used to cushion the beads used inside. For the padding purposes, there are different types of materials used such as polyester, cotton, fleece, chenille, or something like that. You can find such materials having waterproof, water resistant, and moisture wicking capabilities.

o   Cover

When it comes to the cover of the weighted blanket, it can be easily removed for your washing purposes as they are made from natural fibers or synthetic fibers like cotton or wool.

Benefits of adult weighted blankets:

The adult weighted blanket is a heavy blanket and they will give you huge numbers of benefits such as,

Better sleep

Having insomnia or some other sleep disorder may decrease your quality of sleep. The weighted blanket gives you the deep pressure stimulation that will give the best calming effect on both your mind and body. It can also help the production of the feel good hormone, and serotonin that adds to the onset of your night sleep.

Reduces anxiety

Anxiety affects huge numbers of people in order to have discomfort at night sleep regardless of gender and age. Finding your triggers and doing some of the important relaxing tasks will help you get out of the anxiety. If you are using a weighted blanket, it can help you get deep touch pressure like a hug to relax your mind better.

Reduces the restless leg syndrome symptoms

The adults with restless leg syndrome can go for using the weighted blanket to get quality sleep because of its pressure due to weight.

A tool for ADHD patients

For the adults or kids who have ADHD problems, the weighted blankets are definitely providing the deep pressure stimulation to feel more relaxed and calmer to sleep faster during the night time.