Homemade Round Bale Feeder For Horses

Homemade Round Bale Feeder For Horses. I use a hay hut feeder. So, after pricing out hay feeders, searching craigslist for hay huts, trying to win the lottery so that i could buy a hay hut, realizing that there was no way i was spending $800 on a hay hut, i decided we were building a hay feeder.

Pin by Chelsea Kaminski on My Farm/Barn Ideas =] Hay
Pin by Chelsea Kaminski on My Farm/Barn Ideas =] Hay from

It works so well that i bought a second one this year. Storage can cause 2 to 40 percent hay waste depending on the forage type, storage method, environment and length of storage. There are several variations of this on pinterest.

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In this video i explain house to make a round hay bale shelter and modify a hay feeder to work for us. To that end, i've built 3. The new one was $800.

All Treated Wood, Solid Roof Sheathing, Keeps Hay Off The Ground, Virtually Eliminates Waste And Spoilage.

Horse round bale feeders that are used with 1/3 or 1/2 round hay bales can only feed one horse at once. Goodbye $55 worth of hay (or 75% of $55). It works so well that i bought a second one this year.

Has Anyone Ever Made A Homemade Round Bale Feeder?

Even in a bale feeder they toss it out and trample some. Every edge is chamfered for horse safety. Horses fed from feeders tend to consume more hay.

I Put The Round Bale On A Pallet, Remove Strings And Flip The Feeder Over The Top.

1 16 ft goat panel and two double end clips. Termites dont eat plastic and it wont rust away. If for some reason the traditional hay bag doesn’t work for your horse, here are five diy projects to check out.

It Is Made Out Of Two Tractor Tires.

The downside to large rounds is the wastage as horses can really make a mess of a bale that is not contained. This study shows that horses eating. Round bale forage quality means were 10% crude protein (cp);

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